Untitled Abstract:



Art comes in so many forms. It is tough to think about trying to classify what “art” really is. As I look into and see more of Chris’ works, I am further reminded of just how all encompassing the term “art” really can be.

On the days that I work at Madison Studios, I am constantly surrounded by many of Chris’ paintings. This one in particular is an “Untitled” abstract piece. Even without a clear title, in the wide genre of abstract art, it is easy to see the beauty and artistic expression that went into this painting.

God gave us eyes to see and appreciate all things beautiful, He himself being the creator of art, beauty, and colors. Today, I pause and thank God for colors, for beauty, and for art. How awesome is it that we serve a creative God with the passion and skill to knit together the cosmos, sunsets, flowers, people, waterfalls, sonnets, and symphonies.

My challenge for each of us is to look into our world around and find something beautiful and “artistic” and to take a moment, pause, and thank the “artist above” for all that he has given us.

What do you see in this “Untitled Abstract”?

Jed Hanes


More information on the artist, Chris Cook, can be found at http://www.chriscookartist.com/bio.html.

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