Southern Snow-Madison





Living in a southern state, we don’t get so see snow very often, and when we do it is seldom at a time when one would generally expect it. I can count on one hand the number of “white Christmases” i’ve had in my 27 years. When we do get snow, its on a random night in March, or it just melts and causes all of the roads to ice over.

Chris Cook has lived in the Southeast for most of his life as well. He depicts one day in Madison, GA, post evening snow in this original acrylic painting. I feel like it captures the essence of what we get if and when we do get snow. The next day, the roads are slushy, if not iced over, and the fields are dotted with bits of white. Seldom do we have enough accumulation to make a snow man or snow angel.

Chris is a gifted artist, and I feel like his landscape paintings in particular do a fantastic job of capturing the southern terrain, in all of its glorious splendor.

With any luck, we will be able to get some snow before the winter ends this year…

Chris Cook is a premier southern artist and owner of Madison Studios, a web design, maintenance, and e-commerce and marketing company. For his artist biography, contact information, or to view more of his work, click HERE.

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