O’keeffe Dream

This painting was created by Chris for the Farm show here in Madison. He decided to paint 5 different paintings in 5 different ways, and Georgia O’keeffe’s style was one that he picked. This painting truly embodies the way in which Georgia O’keeffe painted. The deer skull mimics that of “Ram’s Head”; in addition, the colors and swirling patterns in the background are also similar between the two paintings. However, Chris creates his own Madison, Georgia spin on the painting. Instead of the painting being reminiscent of New Mexico, it truly gives a country, rustic feel that a farm represents. What’s more rustic than a deer skull? In addition, the silos are gray and mundane, yet the green grass makes them pop. The red beneath the silos reminds me of rusted metal that you often find on buildings in rural areas.

I also feel like the juxtaposition of the gray and blue in the background is representative of a storm passing, and the blue clear sky is coming into focus. This clear blue sky seems more hopeful and happy to me rather than the dreary gray clouds.

This painting just stands out to me for some reason, but I can’t place a pin on exactly why. The colors are so vivid and bright, and I believe this might be part of the reason.



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