Night Beach



The beach really is a completely different place once the sun has set, and night has begun.

Gone are the hoards of scantily clad sun worshippers, seeking out a chance to back in the glory of the big ball of fire in the sky. The remnants of engineering masterpieces that once were intricate sand castles and sculptures have crashed and eroded with the shifting tide, and washed out into the blue. The sands are littered with signs of the congregants who had gathered hours before, leaving behind footprints,  beer cans, and the occasional hotel room key.

The droves of people who were once sprawled out, enjoying the rays of warmth are now replaced by sporadic couples and solitary pilgrims, meandering up and down the shore with their feet getting kissed by the waves as they roll in.

Chris depicted this beach in another Painting, but this one is of that same area at night. It’s amazing what night can do to change the entire perspective of how we see, use, and enjoy a particular thing or place. Take, for instance, a neighbor or loved one’s house, or a church. Even if you’ve been there 1,000 times before during the day, the place somehow becomes a whole new beast if you’re there at night (without as much light, that is).

I think Chris really does a good job of capturing the serenity behind being on the beach at night. There is something about the cooler air, and the way that the moon hits the waters that is reminiscent of, yet completely different than the  bright and sometimes harsh summer days.

Im almost reminded of Van Goh’s “Starry Night” and it’s peacefulness and serenity. The colors and style of the painting seem to lend a calming effect. I, for one am so fair skinned, that I typically end up under an umbrella in the pool, or relaxing in the hotel room to avoid the lobster like impact that the sun and sand can have on my skin.

Chris Cook is a premier southern artist and owner of Madison Studios, a web design, maintenance, and e-commerce and marketing company. For his artist biography, contact information, or to view more of his work, click HERE.

  1. John Miles

    You think of night as dark and black but it’s amazing how much color is in the sky. Jamie and I love walking on the beach at night. Chris really captured how I feel on those walks.

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