Mountains at Dusk



I think that there are two types of people in the world….beach people, and mountain people.

Beach people are able to sit in the sand and sun for hours on end, listening to the waves crash, and seagulls call out without a care in the world. They come alive when the smell of the salt air hits their nostrils, and they’re able to get their toes in the sand.

Mountain people are the ones who wouldn’t trade a thing in the world to be sitting in a rocker on a panoramic porch in a cabin, sipping hot cider and  listening to nature as the sun and stars pass by. The air in the mountain seems to be somehow a little more crisp and clean than anywhere else.

Sunsets are beautiful things to watch, no matter where you are. Depending on which coast your beach is on, you can view spectacular sun rises, sunsets, and beautiful skies year-round. Mountains provide a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and heights for the sun to dance through each and every day.

In this painting, Chris depicts what I see as a “typical” Georgia mountain scene at dusk. There truly is nothing quite like sitting in the mountains as the sun begins to disappear over the ridge, and watching the colors shift in the sky and the shadows grow longer and larger. (Not to mention a starry mountain night sky!) The shades of green, grey, and blue that the landscape is able to produce in conjunction with the beauty of the sun’s rays are unparalleled.

So, my question to each of you is this – Are you a mountain person, or a beach person? And, why? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

Chris Cook is a premier southern artist and owner of Madison Studios, a web design, maintenance, and e-commerce and marketing company. For his artist biography, contact information, or to view more of his work, click HERE.

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