The Cross




The cross…

A device created by the Roman Empire to instill a painful and humiliating death for all those who opposed it’s rule, or disobeyed it’s laws.

A terrible way to nail up trouble makers, leaving them exposed and naked, to be picked over by wild animals, and to serve as a reminder to all those around of the fate that would meet any who didn’t conform.


The cross…

The place where they nailed MY Jesus – though they could find nothing to convict him of.

The place where they hung Him next two a thief and a murderer – after beating him senseless, humiliating him, chastising him, and casting lots for his clothes.


The cross…

Empty…Just like the tomb after the 3rd day – to serve as a reminder of Jesus’ power over sin, death, and evil. The grave, and all of hell itself could not contain the glory that laid within our Lord and Savior.


The cross… it serves as a beacon of light to remind us as his followers that He is still God, and He is still in control.


“I will cherish the old rugged cross, and exchange it some day for a crown”

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